Save the cost of software and labor and have AdEz do your traffic and billing for you. We offer full service traffic and billing for your system at a low monthly fee. Service includes but not limited to the following:

  • Hosting of your database with remote access to whomever you choose.
  • Building of your program grids, entering the orders, schedule, verify and billing of orders.
  • Accounts receivables may be entered by your staff or ours based on your preferences.
  • Provide confirmations when orders are entered. Provide weekly post logs and pre-logs to verify that each order is scheduled and airing correctly.
  • Work directly with your hardware vendor to ensure all equipment is interfacing and running properly.
  • Work with your Master Control to ensure all commercials are saved on the server and available to play.
  • Daily backups are preformed and all data is secure.
  • Changes can be made at anytime during normal business hours starting from one hour of the current time.
  • Urgent after hours support is available.


Contact us today for more information about this potential costs savings service.